Let me help you write the book you want to write, grow your readership, and level up your publishing game!

Find out How

“I just need to get my butt in the chair.”

Ever thought that before?

All the discipline and will power in the world won’t help you

if a glance at your computer fills you with dread and anxiety.

Thinking “I’ll get to it later,” constantly.

Novels get written when you allow yourself the time and space to sink into the story.

Novels get finished when you embrace the editing process.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Together, we will reconnect you with your creativity
so that you can write the novel you were meant to write
and be the writer you were meant to be.

The Successful Author Starter Kit

In this FREE Guide, you will clearly lay out what you want to achieve, why you want it, and exactly what you need to do to get it so that:
– You are the one inviting friends and family to your book launch party.
– You are the one getting social media love and congratulations on your most beautiful book cover;
– You’ll be at peace when you to go to bed at night, knowing that you wrote that day and that you are making tangible progress toward achieving your writing goals.




“…She listened deeply, asked the right questions, and used her silences to encourage me to express all I needed to. Our calls left me excited to get back to work, and gave me concrete action steps I needed to take to reach my goals. After working with Sherry, I feel more confident, more motivated and more excited to write. I’m better able to focus on the joys of my career and more optimistic about my writing direction. She helped me to examine my priorities and made me accountable for my progress. She is a fantastic partner, cheerleader, and guide in the chaotic career that is writing.!…”


“… Before I started my coaching sessions with Sherry, I thought I was actually doing pretty good with my writing…What I quickly discovered was that I was more burned out than I had realized. I needed some balance in my life, and Sherry helped me find that. And, she helped me come up with some visible and tactile reminders to help me maintain that balance. I’ve actually been more productive recently even though I feel like I spend less overall time writing. I think part of the boost in my productivity is being accountable to someone else… Another part of the boost has come from talking things out with her… I no longer feel stuck, or like I’m missing something. I’d definitely recommend Sherry for anybody who wants to improve their writing and their life.!…”


“…When I started working with Sherry I was depressed and totally unmotivated in my writing. I’d suffered two big disappointments and felt like I was going backwards instead of forwards. Sherry gently, but firmly, took me in hand and gave me the support, advice, discipline, and strategies I needed to getting going again. Sherry is generous and responsive. She’s also a lot of fun. I highly recommend her if you want a writing coach who really cares about your work and your process.!…”

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