About Sherry

I am a writer and a coach for writers. I am a Canadian who loves her hockey and figure skating, and, well, most sports. I am madly in love with my Bichon Frise/Toy Poodle, Ebby, who reminds me to stop and play once in a while.

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I have been writing for as long as I can remember. It fascinated me that the loops and swirls my mom made on paper meant something to those who read them. I would scribble my own loops and swirls (he, I was only three!) give them to my mom, and she would make assuring noises that she understood what I had “written.”

Fast-forward several years. I was still writing, but I also believed that my focus should be on my University studies, not on the novel I was secretly crafting in my room late at night, in the snatched moments between classes, while eating my lunch, or supposedly studying in the library. That’s right, I was a closet writer, for years. I loved writing. Nothing could stop me from doing it.

Eventually, (it took me a long time), I decided I wanted to pursue writing as a profession. It had always been my dream, and I was tired of having manuscripts fill up my desk drawers, never to see the light of day or an editor’s eye.

In 2005, I attended the Odyssey writing workshop, where I learned a whole lot more about the craft of writing than I thought possible in six weeks. It was also my first real taste of focusing only on my writing, and it was AWESOME!

In 2009, I graduated from Seton Hill University with an M.A. in Writing Popular Fiction. Seton Hill is one of the few Universities that offers a graduate degree (now and M.F.A.) focusing only on genre fiction. This low-residency program was perfect for me, providing me with mentorship and the support of a writing community like I’d never experienced before.

My debut novel, Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf, won the Writer’s Digest Self-published E-Book award. My books have also been nominated for the Aurora Award — the Canadian “oscar” for science Fiction and Fantasy fiction. More importantly, they have made readers laugh and get through some long, dark nights.

With all the good things about Odyssey and Seton Hill, and people knowing I was writing, there also came the bad: the rejections, the self-doubt, the loss of joy of writing.

I wanted to re-claim my love and joy for writing, so I began to develop methods to silence my Inner Saboteur, which eventually became my book, and workshop. I discovered I could help other writers who were experiencing what I had.

In 2011, I trained as a Life Coach so that I could obtain more tools and supports for the writers I worked with.

Since then, I have coached clients from North America, Europe, and Australia. I have taught my workshops in person across Canada, and online to groups throughout the United States.

Through it all, I have reclaimed my love and joy of writing, and I want to help other writers do the same.

As your coach, I will give you the support, discipline, and strategies you need, to discover the joy of writing, and take it to the next level.

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