As a writing coach, I focus my client work, my courses, and this blog, on the writing process, rather than marketing and business aspect of the publishing industry. The writing process is where my expertise and passion lies.

Marketing is one aspect of my business as an author, that I need to step up. I hesitate to step into the marketing and author promotion because so much of it feels ultimately out of my control. I can put out ads for books and schedule press and blog tours, which are important means of marketing, but they don’t give me the personal connection with my readers.Platforms and algorithms change, they come and they go.

An email list is still the best marketing tool an author can have. I know you know this. We’ve been hearing it for years. And either we haven’t created and built our email list because we don’t want to give away any of our writing, or what we have as our freebie to entice people to give us their email address and receive updates from us, isn’t attractive enough.

Whether you are self or traditionally published, marketing is necessary, which means having a loyal following is necessary. The best way to build that loyal following, is through an email list.

Am I an expert in building an email list? No. So I want to introduce you to the Queen of Email List-Building, Amy Porterfield. She has been my mentor this past year and she has been gracious enough to let me be an affiliate of hers.

Amy Porterfield and her List-Builders Society is a phenomenal program, and Amy is a spectacular teacher. She takes you through every step of the process, from figuring out who your ideal customer or reader is and what would be the best means of reaching them. Is it a free chapter, a serialized novel, or is it something else?

Just like platforms change, maybe we need to re-think our list-building strategies as authors.

Whether you’re interested in building your email list for your business or for your books, I highly recommend Amy’s program, List Builders Society. If you already have one that isn’t growing or doing as well for you as you’d like, look into List Builders Society. If you want to re-think what you use as your lead-magnet, what you use to entice people to sign up for your email list, I recommend List Builders Society.

I don’t expect you to take my word for it. Amy has a spectacular free masterclass: How to Start and Grow an Email List (Without the Stress, Tech Confusion, or Crazy Overwhelm). My Proven 3-Step System For Leveraging The Most Powerful,
“What’s Working Now” List Building Strategies
, Even If You’re Starting From Scratch. This masterclass covers changes to list building, strategies, and the importance of why an email list is so important.

I would not recommend a program I have not taken or a teacher I did not trust. I trust and believe in Amy Porterfield and her List Building strategies. 

This past year, learning from Amy and being a part of her community, I’ve learned that I have to have clarity and do what feels most like me, because what makes me me, makes me stand out from the rest, in both the stories I write, and the way I reach readers. 

Will you join me? Click on the link above, or the image below and sign up for Amy’s FREE masterclass. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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