Something has to change

There’s a fabulous book titled “Midlife Crisis at 30: How the Stakes Have Changed for a New Generation—And What to Do about It” written by Lia Macko and Kerry Rubin. In their book, the authors contend that women often find that when they reach the age of 30, their lives are not what they had … Read more

Good News Monday!

Good News Monday is here again! I want to hear your good news and celebrate with you! No matter how big or small the good news in your life, always celebrate the little things! My good news is that I have spent this long weekend with good friends, had good food, lots of laughs, and … Read more

Living the Dream

Last week I talked about winning the lottery. I asked you what you would do if you won. How would your life be different? How would you choose to spend your days if money was not an obstacle?  How did you answer? Did you go out and buy a lottery ticket in the hopes that … Read more

Live the Life You Want

We all dream of winning the lottery. Even winning a one-week dream vacation is enticing enough for most of us to enter all kinds of sweepstakes and sign up for endless membership rewards programs. The lucky few who actually win are held up as being just like you which means you could be next. Why … Read more