So many writers struggle with finding the time to write, fear rejection, and fight to believe they are good at what they do. Writing is often such an isolating venture, where critical feedback once received, plays on an endless loop amid mounting pressure to sell stories. The result is a dread of sitting down of writing, manuscripts left in the drawer, and the feeling of having given up on oneself and ones potential.

Through my coaching and workshops my clients re-discover the joy and their love of writing. By doing so, they write more often, more consistently, and achieve success.

First I discuss with my client, their writing goals, their motivation behind those goals, and what is getting in the way: ie. what is taking away their joy of writing. I will assign some action steps that have everything to do with reaching the writing goals. While the action steps will be challenging, they will not be excessive. I don’t believe in taking away from writing time, I believe in adding value to it!

At the beginning each session, I do a quick check-in to see how my client did on the action steps. If they were all completed, we celebrate and build on them. If not, we figure out why and work through it so that my client soon has greater consistency and success in achieving those action steps.

Each session is tailor-made to what my client needs, what they are struggling with in that moment,  to overcome it and reclaim the joy of writing and find success.

As your coach, I will give you the support, discipline, and strategies you need, to discover the joy of writing, and take it to the next level.


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