Spark Your Creativity Journal - Volume 1 (PDF)

  • Whether it is recalling some highlights from the dream I just had, musing about my plans for the day ahead, or working out an issue with the story I'm writing, spending a few minutes a day doing some free-writing gets the creative juices flowing and I'm more likely to want to write even after a long day at work.

    And I know I'm not the only one.

    That's why I created this journal. For writers like you (and me), who want a place to write out our thoughts for the day and find some inspiration and motivation to keep writing.

    I have broken up the journal pages into twelve weeks, with three pages for journalling for each day.

    Each week is separated by a motivational quote. On the back of that quote is a journalling prompt related to that quote. They are there to inspire your journalling for that week.

    Quotes like:
    1. The best thing to do is just start
    2. One word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time
    3. My path to success is my own
    4. I succeed when I focus on what I control
    5. Remember why I want to write
    6. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it
    7. It is time for the stories inside me to be written
    8. Expressing myself creatively is self-care
    9. I am worthy of taking time for myself

    Above all, it is my greatest wish that this journal helps you get the words on the page, polish them up, and send them out, so you can achieve your writing dreams!