I recently attended a business conference for online entrepreneurs. The theme of the conference was to stop playing small, to change our mindset to play it big, to pursue big dreams and goals, to set out to change the world. In the first session of the conference, we were asked to think about what playing big looked like to us. 

During the open mic portion of the session, attendees were asked to share how they were going to play big. For some, they wanted to be interviewed on the Today Show, for others it was to earn a certain amount a year. A common theme emerged. Whatever the impact, whether it was directly through their business, or indirectly through the charity work they would be able to do as a result, many added on to the end of their statement that they were going to finally write their book. 

Finally writing a book came up many times during open mic question & answer sessions over the weekend

As a writing coach, of course, my ears perked up. I had so many questions. What kind of book? Why hadn’t they started writing it yet? When did they want to start writing it?

During the break between sessions, I approached some of the people who said they wanted to write their book and I asked them my questions.

The books they wanted to write complemented their business, would expand it, help them reach a greater audience. Their book was about their charity work or their experience as a cancer survivor with amazing practical information for other survivors. Their books would have a massive, positive impact. 

They hadn’t started writing yet because they would get to it. Some day. They didn’t think it would have the impact they wanted it too. They didn’t have the time for it. Maybe once they were making millions they could take the time to write. They didn’t know where to start, how to start. 

For everyone I spoke to, the subject of their book lit them up. The thought of actually sitting down to write whether it was about their business, charity, surviving, or children’s book, was overwhelming.

I started thinking and plotting. Inspired by the conference speakers, motivated by my conversations with the attendees, whether it was about their book or not, I knew I could help. I know what it takes to take a book from a “some day I  will” idea to finished and published product.

If this is you, if you were at that conference, or one like it, if you’ve let it slip in conversation with an author that you would like to write a book, some day, if you haven’t told anyone that you would like to write a book, but it is nagging at you, pulling at you, then my FREE course is for you.

I’ve developed this FREE mini course: Three Things You Must Know When Starting To Write A Book. Writing your first book can seem overwhelming, so I’ve broken it down to the three most important things you need. These are the techniques I use when starting my own books, be they fiction or non-fiction, and what I teach my clients.

Perhaps you’re not sure yet if you want to start writing your book. Maybe it is still in the Some Day category. That’s OK. This mini course will give you the tools you need to decide whether or not you want to write your book now or later, and it will give you the tools to start writing, whenever that is.

Ebby (my bichon/toy poodle) even makes an appearance!

Click on the image below or any of the links above, to sign up for the course. You’ll get a short video each day for four days, and will only take fifteen minutes of your time each day. 

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

course graphic for three things you must know when starting to write a book

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