You Finished NaNo, Now What?

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NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. That time of year when, throughout all of November, writers around the world post about their daily word counts, how far behind they’re getting, and the epic writing sessions they’re involved in to catch up and get the 50,000 words written by the end of the month. By December 1, … Read more

Your feedback greatly appreciated

Important Question: I’m preparing my Silencing Your Inner Saboteur workshop–complete with student forums, interactive classes, and coaching sessions. Would you prefer something like this before, during, or after NaNoWriMo?

Finding the Sweet Spot

I talk a lot about achievable and exceedable goals. One of the basic principles of achievable and exceedable goals for writers, is that you set yourself a specific amount of time and/or word count that you know you will be able to reach each day. Once you’re able to routinely exceed that goal, then you … Read more

It Makes a Difference

Why does it feel like such a chore to sit down and actually write?  It’s that sense of dread that often leads to procrastination. What if you actually enjoyed the writing process? Yes, it is possible! It starts with the love of the story you’re writing, and a love of the characters. A curiosity  and … Read more