What you need to become a successful author

How to be a Successful Author

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If you want to succeed as an author, you need four things: the right mindset, to take action, external support, and knowledge of the publishing industry.  Please note that I am not qualifying or gatekeeping what it takes to be a writer. To be a writer, all you need to do, is write. One word, … Read more

The Horse and the Carrot – A story of perseverance

by Ryan McFadden So I had a book come out. That was October, and now it’s January, and I’ve yet to hit the NYT best seller list, or the Macleans best seller list, or even the London Free Press best seller list, or any list at all. In fact, from my perspective, it feels more … Read more

Luck Favors the Prepared

Persistence of Writing by Loren Rhoads   In 2007, my husband was approached by a New York agent looking for someone to write a book on independent Japanese music.  Mason would have been a perfect candidate to write the book, but he didn’t feel ready to take on the project.  So the contact languished, until … Read more

What is Success?

“My friend told me about your book. She said it was great! So I was excited to find it in my book bag! ” Pinch me, someone. But no, it wasn’t a dream. A fan stood before me handing me my novel to sign at World Fantasy Con last year. How do I measure success? … Read more

Just One Editor’s Opinion

Just One Editor’s Opinion By Vonnie Winslow Crist This is the first tale of perseverance I usually tell a writers’ group or classroom. It’s not a pretty tale, and alas, it is only one among many moments in my writing and illustration career where good old-fashion determination opened a door. Or in this case, a … Read more

My Inglorious Writing Career

My Inglorious Writing Career by Christie Maurer I first started writing in 1951 at age 14—a spy story while my father and I were visiting my uncle after my mother’s funeral. I held my firstborn book in my hand in July 2013. I knew I had to write, and if people couldn’t relate to my … Read more

My Story – Maria V. Snyder

Our next guest blogger is the amazing, New York Times Bestselling Author, Maria V. Snyder, whom I got to know through Seton Hill University. Her newest book “Shadow Study” just came out. Maria’s website and contact information is below her entry.   My Story My very first writing attempt was while I attended Penn State … Read more

Stories of Perseverance

I have been thinking a lot about what makes it so difficult for us to sit down and write. Why are we so willing to give in to our Inner Saboteur, even when we know that’s what we’re doing? A lot of times it comes down to the thought “Why bother?” Let’s face it, being … Read more