Procrastination isn’t about being lazy

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Procrastination isn’t about being lazy, it is about avoiding an emotion associated with the activity. It is an objection meant to keep us in place. A small illustration. When I know that I am doing something I love, like preparing my upcoming live free webinar, The Secret to Your Writing Success, it feels right. I … Read more

Planning and Writing Motivation

How to elevate your writing motivation

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When we know why we want what we want, follow-through becomes a priority. We elevate our writing motivation. Resolutions, goal setting, planning. They’re all great, useful tools, but unless we follow through, unless we stick to our resolution, act on our goals, and truly do.what we put in our planner or what we plan to … Read more

I Don’t Have Time

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“I don’t have time to write.” “I’m too busy right now.” “When I’m retired, that’s when I’m going to write.” I don’t have time is the biggest, most common excuse, we all make. There is an election coming up in my province and in talking with a young man the other day, he said he … Read more

The One Thing Stopping You From Writing

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There are a lot of reasons and excuses we give, but in all honesty, there is only one thing stopping you from writing: the fear of failure. In my books, Silencing Your Inner Saboteur, and Blueprint for Writing Success, and in my course The Daring Writer Academy (opening soon), I discuss a lot of different … Read more

Just Watch Me

I’m stubborn. If someone makes a suggestion to me or asks something of me, often my first response is “No.” On the positive side, my stubbornness is called persistence. I refuse to quit. I won’t give up, or give in. There’s a saying something like persistence is more important than talent. So I figure I’ll keep submitting … Read more