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Lessons for writers from Wimbledon

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Lessons for writers from Wimbledon Today I watched the greatest example of self-sabotage. It was frustrating because I knew it was coming. It was inevitable but I wish I had been proven wrong. I’m talking about Nick Kyrgios playing in the Gentlemen’s Final of Wimbledon. As I’m writing this, I am aware that he has … Read more

Procrastination isn’t about being lazy

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Procrastination isn’t about being lazy, it is about avoiding an emotion associated with the activity. It is an objection meant to keep us in place. A small illustration. When I know that I am doing something I love, like preparing my upcoming live free webinar, The Secret to Your Writing Success, it feels right. I … Read more

plan for writing success

How to plan for writing success when there are no guarantees

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If there are no guarantees in the world of publishing, is it possible to plan for writing success? What do you mean there are no guarantees? “When I get my book published, I’ll quit my job and write full-time.” Have you said it, or thought it? “Oh, you’re a writer. Going to be making the … Read more

Too stressed to write Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

It’s easier to write when…

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Too stressed to write. Anything. That was me. I was too stressed, under too much pressure. I couldn’t even write a text. I’ve been collaborating with a friend on a couple of projects, mostly just offering a bit of input here and there. So when my website went down and the support desk wasn’t being … Read more

I Don’t Have Time

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“I don’t have time to write.” “I’m too busy right now.” “When I’m retired, that’s when I’m going to write.” I don’t have time is the biggest, most common excuse, we all make. There is an election coming up in my province and in talking with a young man the other day, he said he … Read more

The One Thing Stopping You From Writing

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There are a lot of reasons and excuses we give, but in all honesty, there is only one thing stopping you from writing: the fear of failure. In my books, Silencing Your Inner Saboteur, and Blueprint for Writing Success, and in my course The Daring Writer Academy (opening soon), I discuss a lot of different … Read more

Motivation Monday

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Because sometimes our Inner Saboteur’s take on the face of one we love.

Checking In

We’ve been pursuing our writing goals, our writing dreams, for three months now, and it’s time for a check-in. What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of January? How close are you to achieving them? What is working for you? What are you struggling with? Until now, we’ve been looking at things … Read more

Let it go

“It was a bad writing day yesterday. Today isn’t going to be any better.” “You didn’t write yesterday. Don’t bother writing today.” If I were a betting person, I’d wager you’ve thought those above statements plenty of times before. They are two of the favourite things our Inner Saboteur likes to say to us. The … Read more

Creating Deadlines that Matter

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones with a publishing contract, or in a writing course with submission deadlines that if missed will cost you money, it can be difficult to set and stick to deadlines. Why? Because we don’t really have anything really at stake. Perhaps a pitch session at a conference/convention you’re attending … Read more