Write with the time we have

This is What We’ve Been Waiting For

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If you have ever thought, “I just want to stay at home and write,” and you find yourself in self-isolation, now’s your chance! You know I had to say that, right? Right? I mean, I am a writing coach, after all. And what good would I be as a coach, if I wasn’t encouraging you … Read more

Are You Ready to Write?

So You Want To Write A Book

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Is now the right time for you to write your book? Are you ready to write? How can you know?
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Never Too Late

Many years ago I once asked a colleague, “What if my ship came in and I missed it?” We were having a discussion about life goals and dreams and how we advised University Students. We were both Academic Advisors, so you know, not too out-of-place a conversation. Over the conversation, my thoughts turned inward, to … Read more