Write with the time we have

This is What We’ve Been Waiting For

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If you have ever thought, “I just want to stay at home and write,” and you find yourself in self-isolation, now’s your chance! You know I had to say that, right? Right? I mean, I am a writing coach, after all. And what good would I be as a coach, if I wasn’t encouraging you … Read more

7 Ways to Refill the Creative Well

“I don’t feel like writing today.” “I don’t know what to write next so I’ll just binge Netflix instead.” “I have had the worst day, I don’t have the energy to write today.” “Tomorrow. I’ll write tomorrow.” We have all said one or more of the above statments at some point while writing. All too … Read more

Writing with Depression

Writing with Depression

If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know that I talk a lot about the consistency of writing, whether you write every day, or three times a week, or once a week, as long as you’re consistent with your writing practice. Consistency keeps you mentally focused on the story you are … Read more

Will writing a book grow your business?

4 Ways A Book Will Grow Your Business

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Not every business benefits from the publication of a book. Sam Walton’s biography might grow his personal brand. but I doubt it did much to boost the profile of Wal-Mart.  However, for entrepreneurs in personal service industries like coaching, consulting, finance, and in caring professions, among others, writing (and publishing) a book can have a … Read more

Know Your Ideal Reader

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Every time I start writing a new book, I think about who my ideal reader is. That person may change from book to book, but there is always one ideal reader.  An Ideal Reader is the person who is going to absolutely fall head-over-heels in love with the writing, the characters, the story. They will … Read more

Never Too Late

Many years ago I once asked a colleague, “What if my ship came in and I missed it?” We were having a discussion about life goals and dreams and how we advised University Students. We were both Academic Advisors, so you know, not too out-of-place a conversation. Over the conversation, my thoughts turned inward, to … Read more

Distractions Are All Around

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I enjoy watching the Food Network. I am not particularly domestic myself, and I marvel at the creativity of these chefs and bakers. They come up with the most amazing combination of flavors, and gorgeously decorated cakes and cookies without much time to think about what they’re going to create. And I guess enough of … Read more

You Finished NaNo, Now What?

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NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. That time of year when, throughout all of November, writers around the world post about their daily word counts, how far behind they’re getting, and the epic writing sessions they’re involved in to catch up and get the 50,000 words written by the end of the month. By December 1, … Read more

Having Permission to Write

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I may have told this story before. If I have, pretend it is brand new to you, because I think it is worth repeating, and I’m going to add a little something to the end of it. The story goes like this: I attended Seton Hill University, taking the M.A. (now and MFA) in Writing … Read more

The Decision to “Go For It”

Several months ago, I made a decision to “Go For It”. That decision, and my commitment to it, changed everything. As much as people in our lives impact the direction our writing lives take, it comes down to what we choose for ourselves. Let me back up a bit, because that decision did not come … Read more