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When is the best time to write?

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When is the best time to write?  The ideal morning routine I can’t help but wonder how much time people think we have in the morning. And by people, I mean all the health and productivity experts.  While I can get on board with the general theory that it is often better to get things … Read more

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How to Build Your Ideal Writing Life

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Do you really want to write? Or do you just want to live the writing life? Does it have to be one or the other? Or can they work together to create an ideal writing life? A reading on the staircase In the middle of my home-town independent bookstore is a sweeping staircase up to … Read more

The Writing Process – What No One Talks About

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When was the last time you read a blog post or Social Media post about someone’s writing process? I’m not talking about the time someone posted about having written 1000 words, or complaining that “Writing is hard.” Nor am I talking about the process of editing or drafting or how they focus on certain elements … Read more