In working with Sherry, I had hoped to get some help focusing and finishing stories, and figuring out what was holding me back and keeping me from being consistent as a writer. I feel like I really made good progress on figuring out the underlying issues and developing some strategies for addressing them. She was very warm and supportive, and funny. I felt like she really understood the challenges I was facing, and provided specific suggestions and tools to help me address them. She’s a really good listener, and good at separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were – the real issues versus the BS we tell ourselves. I am writing more, and I definitely feel like I am moving forward. I haven’t finished everything I’d hoped to, but that’s on me – Sherry was very supportive and encouraging and really kicked me in the pants to keep going. It was very beneficial in helping me figure out my process and what is holding me back from writing consistently.  I would definitely work with Sherry again.