As a mid-career, professional novelist, I had not understood everything I might gain from working with a coach until I met Sherry Peters. Sherry’s openness, enthusiasm and sympathy supported me while I worked through some obstacles in my path, and helped me to understand how the setbacks I had experienced early on might still be holding me back. She listened deeply, asked the right questions, and used her silences to encourage me to express all I needed to. Our calls left me excited to get back to work, and gave me concrete action steps I needed to take to reach my goals.

After working with Sherry, I feel more confident, more motivated and more excited to write. I’m better able to focus on the joys of my career and more optimistic about my writing direction. She helped me to examine my priorities and made me accountable for my progress. Sherry’s coaching has given me a strong boost in the right direction as an author, and the new novel I was intimidated to start is already well under way! I was not convinced when I first made contact that a coach could do a lot for me—and now I feel stronger and more capable, thanks to her. When my new project sells, Sherry Peters deserves the dedication. She is a fantastic partner, cheerleader, and guide in the chaotic career that is writing.