Though my work with Sherry Peters was brief due to unforeseen circumstances in my life, I found each of our three sessions extremely helpful. Sherry has the keen ability to get to the heart of an issue quickly, so I found each session, even though it was only an hour long, we covered a lot of ground and I spend the month between ruminating on what we discussed. We covered three very important tools which, ultimately, helped me make important career decisions not only for professional success but personal well-being. Despite these sessions having a focus on writing, Sherry did not hesitate to explore other avenues, such as deeper personal problems behind career obstacles (in my case, difficulty saying no). Our final session was about setting goals, long-term and short, and I have since made use of this strategy on my own.

I would recommend Sherry to any writer who wants to take charge of their career and clear away the things that stops them. Often those obstacles have nothing to do with skill and everything to do with self-doubt or personal difficulty, and Sherry’s approach is to address those areas in a sensitive, constructive manner.